Basic Policy on CSR

Efforts to fulfill corporate social responsibility are based on our management philosophy of Ei - Toku - Kan (Eternal - Virtue - Cycle).

The activities of the CRE Group are guided by the concepts of Ei - Toku - Kan (Eternal - Virtue - Cycle), which underpin our management philosophy.

Ei (Eternal) represents a position that constantly contributes to social progress. Toku (Virtue) is a quality that promotes actions that consider benefit to others and to society. Kan (Cycle) reflects a priority on connections to society and the creation of a circular society. Consequently, CSR activities on their own will link directly to business activities.

The CRE Group always faces up to corporate social responsibility by engaging in CSR activities through business activities.

Examples of Environmentally Conscious Activities in Development Business

Examples of Environment-Conscious Development Business

Logistics facilities developed by CRE have captured five stars in BELS evaluation.

The Building-Housing Energy-Efficiency Labeling System (BELS) is a third-party certification system that objectively evaluates and discloses the energy-saving performance of buildings based on global standards. CRE promotes its development business with the environment in mind, substantiated by efforts to obtain BELS certification when new logistics facilities move into the construction phase.

Installation of LED Lighting

We have installed LED lighting inside all facilities to reduce power consumption

Promoting Greenery

We design green spaces within facility grounds and promote development with the environment in mind.

Exteriors with High Thermal Insulation Performance

For exterior walls, we use metal insulating panels, which are maintenance-free for 20 years, and by cutting facility lifecycle costs, we help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Water-Saving Toilet and Sink System

To conserve precious water resources, we use a water-saving toilet and sink system inside our facilities.

Coexisting with the Community

University Lectures

We run lectures at Sophia University and Meiji University to help promote a better understanding of logistics today and in the future and to develop human resources.

Joint Efforts with Social Contribution Organizations

We provided rice as well as mid-summer and end-of-year gifts to Backers Terakoya, a private academy funded by the Backers Foundation, and Kodomo Shokudo (children’s cafeteria), a project to feed disadvantaged children in Japan.

Part of Welfare Activities

We offer in-house sales of products by Chocolabo, an organization that employees people with disabilities, and collect used stamps for donation.

Green Finance

J-REIT specialized in logistics facilities and leveraging the collective capabilities of the CRE Group “CRE logistics REIT, Inc.” has issued its investment corporation bonds ("Green Bonds" or "CRE Green Bonds").