Basic Policy on Sustainability

We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility in accordance with
our management philosophy Ei - Toku - Kan (Eternal - Virtue - Cycle).

The activities of the CRE Group are guided by the concepts inherent in the management philosophy Ei - Toku - Kan (Eternal - Virtue - Cycle).

Ei (Eternal) represents our attitude to constantly contribute to social progress. Toku (Virtue) is a quality inherent in actions that benefit others and society. Kan (Cycle) reflects a priority on connections to society and the creation of a circular society.

Contributing to the sustainable development of society through business activities guided by this management philosophy satisfies the approach to sustainability expected of us as a corporate citizen.

The CRE Group recognizes ESG as a priority management issue and, engaging in business activities with all due sincerity to address social issues that involve logistics real estate, the Group will always give full attention to matters of corporate social responsibility and strive for sustainable growth.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

The Sustainability Committee, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, is chaired by the Representative Director and President and promotes continuous enhancement of sustainability activities.