Robust Supply Chain

Basic supply chain policy

We are proud of the fact that in supporting clients’ supply chains through our business activities, from development of logistics facilities to management and operation, we contribute to the sustainable society and growth goals of clients. In addition, we recognize the necessity and importance of joint pursuits with stakeholders to accurately address the needs of society across the entire supply chain.

Of special note, the logistics real estate business—the segment of the real estate market where the CRE Group is active—requires close ties with various stakeholders because projects, from development to management and operation, are long-term undertakings and because such projects tend to have a major impact on the communities where facilities are located and the parties involved.

Understanding this issue, the CRE Group seeks to work cooperatively with stakeholders, including executive branches of government and local communities, architects and design firms, construction companies, and the users of logistics facilities, and takes a whole supply chain perspective in logistics real estate business activities to revitalize regional communities and spur growth.

Initiatives to support sustainable supply chain

  • The CRE Group endeavors to identify relevant supply chain issues through the course of business and works cooperatively with business partners, including suppliers, to achieve a sustainable supply chain. Within the Group itself, we encourage awareness of the issues listed below and promote practices to address such issues, and in doing so, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable supply chain.
  • Toward this end, we recognize the necessity and importance of initiatives across the entire supply chain, including our business partners. We ask our business partners to understand the purpose and content of the issues listed below, and request that they, too, strive to implement practices that support a sustainable supply chain.
  • Respect for laws and regulations

    We comply fully with laws and regulations.
  • Respect for human rights

    We will not violate human rights in the course of our own businesses, and we will do our best to ensure that our business partners, including members of our supply chain, do not violate human rights in their operations either.
    • Forced labor
    • Child labor
    • Discrimination
    • Harassment and inhumane treatment
    • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    • Working hours and wages
    • Occupational health and safety
    • Impact on local residents
  • Measures to deal with environmental issues

    In the course of our business activities, we will work with our business partners, including suppliers, to achieve harmony with the environment.
    • Climate change
    • Water resources
    • Biodiversity
    • Pollution prevention
    • Sustainable resource use
  • Improving services and inherent quality

    We will strive to improve services and inherent quality.
    • Ensure safety
    • Build quality control and quality assurance systems
    • Disclose necessary information on products and services
  • Proper information management

    We will manage information properly.
  • Creating a business continuity plan

    We will create an appropriate business continuity plan (BCP) so that, by envisioning damage and preparing in advance, we will be able to keep operations going in the event of disaster, fulfill corporate responsibilities to stakeholders and to society, protect the lives and property of employees and family members, and maintain and further improve corporate value.
  • Contributing to local communities

    We will coexist with local communities and contribute to regional growth and development.
  • Information disclosure

    We will provide timely and accurate information disclosure on the above.
These policies will be reviewed, paralleling the status of business progress.