We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through efforts in materiality.

To deepen our understanding of corporate social responsibility in the truest sense, that is, the contribution a company makes to sustainable social development by addressing social issues through business activities, and improve corporate value over the medium to long term, we strive, as a corporate group, to reinforce our approach to sustainability.
As part of this effort, we isolated issues in light of prevailing guidelines, including the 17 SDGs and associated 169 targets. We evaluated the significance of selected issues from two perspectives—importance to stakeholders and importance to our own businesses—then identified materiality, and clarified themes that we, as the CRE Group, must prioritize.
The CRE Group will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through materiality-directed efforts.

Materiality Identification Process

Our materiality identification process is as described below. We will continue to carefully review
identified materiality issues and promote effective methods to reach targets.

Step 1

Isolate social issues that the
CRE Group should address

Step 2

Create short list of

Step 3

Pick priority materiality

Step 1

Isolate social issues that the CRE Group should address

Consider issues already being addressed in the business and corporate activities undertaken by the CRE Group as well as forward-looking themes to be pursued, and reference various guidelines, including the 17 SDG categories and 169 targets, to isolate and coordinate social issue and management issue themes, such as SDGs and ESG, that require engagement.

Step 2

Create short list of materiality issues

Select issues based on importance from stakeholder perspective as well as importance for CRE Group.

Step 3

Pick priority materiality issues

Discuss and approve content of identified materiality at a meeting of top-level management.

Identified Materiality

We organized identified materiality issues by ESG category: Environment, Social or Governance.
Materiality and approaches to deal with materiality will be reviewed in conjunction with various
factors, including global trends on sustainability and business progress.

Realize sustainable environment
Measures taken
  • Shift to 100% renewable energy through installation of solar power generation systems at LogiSquare development properties
  • Environmental assessment obtained for LogiSquare development properties: BELS, CASBEE
  • Equipment and systems at LogiSquare development properties, including installation of LED lights, use of well water, enhanced greening programs and other applications
  • Sustained performance assessment from GRESB for CRE Logistics REIT, implementing green finance
  • Soil remediation
Related key SDGs

Achieve development and growth along with local communities
Measures taken
  • Assistance in historical preservation (assistance in mining)
  • Creating local employment through warehouse development
  • Participating in welfare activities
  • University lectures (endowed courses): At Sophia University, Meiji University
Related key SDGs
Create organization where diverse human resources can thrive
Measures taken
  • Promote diversity
  • Promote workstyle reform
  • Develop human resources and provide training that emphasizes self-realization of personal goals
Related key SDGs

Take corporate governance to higher level and secure trust of society
Measures taken
  • Respond to corporate governance requirements
  • Thorough, reinforced approach to compliance requirements
  • Strengthen risk management capabilities
Related key SDGs