Social 社会

Coexistence with local communities

The CRE Group recognizes that continuity of local communities and wider society is paramount for sustainable corporate growth. This awareness infuses various activities we undertake in the course of operations that benefit local communities and society at large, including creation of local employment opportunities and human resources training for the next generation. The CRE Group is keen to be involved in efforts to revitalize regional communities and spur growth through coexistence.

  • Local Job Creation

    Through facility development, CRE creates employment for several hundred people at each facility. In this way, we contribute to active local communities.

  • Helping to Preserve History

    During development of a logistics facility in the city of Hanno, Saitama Prefecture, a settlement site with 74 dwellings dating back to the Jomon Period—about 5,000 years ago—was unearthed. The site would not have been found had it not been for facility construction. Having made this historical discovery, CRE became involved in the administrative side of excavation work and record-keeping and participated in site tours and information meetings.

  • University Lectures

    We run lectures at Sophia University and Meiji University to help promote a better understanding of logistics today and in the future and to develop human resources.

  • Part of Welfare Activities

    We offer in-house sales of products by Chocolabo, an organization that employees people with disabilities, and collect used stamps for donation.