Human resource development/
employee training

Basic policy on human resource development

CRE’s basic policy on human resource development hinges on being an organization where employees are the masters of their own potential, constantly embracing skill-building opportunities and achieving self-directed, long-term growth. We want each employee to understand our corporate philosophy and vision, act independently, constantly create new value rooted in logistics real estate and ensure CRE contributes to progress everywhere as a public entity of society.
Toward this end, CRE prioritizes
• respect for employee diversity
• wider perspectives and specialized capabilities
• flexible access to growth opportunities

We believe our goal to enrich human resources training and related systems aligned to each business is linked to the demonstration of long-term capabilities by employees. With this in mind, we create a learning environment and design various systems to attract and develop our human resources. In recent years, workstyles have undergone major change, highlighted by globalization, a growing embrace of digital transformation (DX), and diversifying lifestyles. Against this backdrop, we have addressed human resources strategies to realize our business vision as well as human resources strategies aimed at employees’ realization of personal goals. This two-pronged approach will facilitate more proactive career formation.

Concept in human resources development

At CRE, our basic policy on human resources development is to improve capabilities and skills through a combination of three human resources development techniques.
  • Job rotation

    Through job rotation, employees can polish their level of expertise in each area of operations and accumulate wider experience, which fosters multifaceted perspectives and enables them to respond to changes in the business environment.

  • On-the-job training

    By providing concrete work experience at job sites and facilitating communication among colleagues, we create an environment in which employees can learn on their own. We regularly offer coaching on the necessary skills and concepts for performing assigned duties.

  • Education system and training programs

    We run various training programs to help employees master the skills necessary in executing their respective roles and the capabilities and personal career goals they wish to achieve, and support measures to learn new perspectives and concepts.

Program Examples

  • Training for new employees (newly graduated)

    Through business training obtained externally as well as training provided in-house to promote an understanding of CRE’s businesses, new employees gain the knowledge needed as employees of CRE. Employees tackle a team project over two months or so to put knowledge learned in training into practice, and then positions are assigned, based on the strengths and issues that the project reveals.
  • CRE training (mid-career hires)

    When mid-career hires enter the Company, CRE provides training related to operations and logistics real estate. By understanding the role that each CRE business division plays within the Company and respective connections to other businesses, mid-career hires appreciate the business model that is CRE’s strength—developing various logistics real estate–related businesses for one-stop solutions to clients’ needs.
  • Coaching and training for junior colleagues

    For young employees who have been with CRE for at least two years, we offer training to develop skills to coach junior colleagues and to be in charge of on-the-job training programs. Employees with more seniority than their junior colleagues gain a new level of awareness about the Company and the ability to mentor others on a regular basis.
  • Rank-specific training

    This training is designed to help employees acquire the attitude appropriate to each rung of the corporate ladder, that is, young employees, mid-level employees and executives, and to internalize the principles of corporate concepts.
  • Business skills training

    This program allows employees to make their own choice of seminars, training and online courses related to knowledge and skills they wish to acquire. The knowledge, skills and theory they learn is then put to practical use at job sites and serve to enhance the work that each person does.
  • Training on legal matters

    We offer various training programs to deepen working knowledge of legal matters. These programs include training for people in charge of marketing and contract operations, such as compliance training and insider trading prevention training.
  • Support for obtaining qualifications

    To encourage employees to improve their knowledge and capabilities, we support their pursuit of business-related qualifications, especially in real estate, construction and finance.