CRE Group Social Media Policy

CRE, Inc. established the CRE Group Social Media Policy for itself and its subsidiaries (together, “the CRE Group”), covering operation of official social media accounts and social media activity by employees at companies under the CRE Group umbrella. The CRE Group adheres to this policy, which comprises principles and guidelines, and seeks to make its position known to all by publicly sharing the principles of this policy.


1. Purposes of participation

CRE seeks to be a well-respected company with an enduring presence by conveying information about itself and the CRE Group and interacting with people through social media platforms. Specific purposes for social media participation are described below.

1. To access opinions and impressions about the CRE Group and gain a deeper understanding of the expectations that others have with regard to the CRE Group’s products, services and corporate value.
2. To acquaint as many people as possible with CRE Group’s products, services and corporate value.
3. To explain to as many people as possible the thoughts behind our products, services and business activities, from both corporate and employee perspectives.
4. To promote greater trust in the CRE Group and boost brand value through sincere dialogue with others.

2. Cautions regarding social media participation

The CRE Group posts information and takes a sensible, prudent approach to the sharing of information, recognizing that social media is a place of communication based on personal connections and that once information is posted, it becomes widely available to the general public and can never be completely retracted.

1. Regardless of the organization they belong to or the format of their employment, CRE Group employees must of course observe national and local laws, as well as rules of employment and internal policies, including the social media policy.
2. CRE Group employees must respect third-party rights, including copyrights, portrait rights and privacy, uphold required obligation of confidentiality, take care not to damage the honor or credibility of a third party, and avoid behavior that would obviously undermine integrity.
3. CRE Group employees must give serious thought to social issues, such as freedom, equality, discrimination, poverty and the environment, and be mindful of activities that might hamper efforts to address these issues.
4. CRE Group employees must endeavor to provide information beneficial to people’s activities, such as life, culture, business, investment and employment pursuits.
5. CRE Group employees must use caution with regard to the content of the information they post and the method by which they post and must be careful not to circulate inaccuracies or misleading information.
6. In the event inappropriate or incorrect information is posted or expressions are used that might invite misinterpretation, an apology must be made without delay and errors or misleading content must be corrected immediately.
7. Information must be posted and exchanged responsibly and not under a false identity.
8. CRE Group employees must adhere to the terms of each social media platform they post to and respect the culture and manners associated with each platform.

3. Timely disclosure and company’s official position

Key corporate information for disclosure, pertaining to the CRE Group, as well as any official position taken by a company on key issues should never be disclosed or announced via social media. Instead, such details will be provided through timely disclosure via stock exchange channels and through press releases posted to CRE’s official website.

4. Request to CRE Group employees

CRE has set out guidelines that describe the attitude CRE Group employees should take with regard to all types of social media participation. All employees, not only those who operate the official accounts held by the CRE Group, must understand these guidelines and exercise good sense and responsibility in their social media activities.

5. Inquiries regarding application of social media policy

Please contact CRE’s General Affairs & Human Resources Group at 03-5572-6600 (from outside Japan: +81-3-5572-6600)