Privacy Policy

CRE, Inc., recognizing that protecting and properly managing personal information is one of its most important responsibilities to in society, is committed to maintaining and fulfilling its Privacy Policy as outlined below.

1.CRE will always ensure that its handling of personal information is in accordance with the latest laws, national guidelines and other regulations and will abide by these in accordance with internal rules and regulations.

2.When accepting personal information, CRE will specify the purpose of use and collect such information within the scope necessary to achieve that purpose. Additionally, CRE will not use, provide or outsource the handling of such information beyond the agreed-upon purpose of use or the scope required under laws and regulations.

3.CRE will maintain personal information in a correct and up-to-date condition and will continuously strive to prevent such occurrences as unauthorized access to personal information and leak, loss or damage of personal information and will work to improve and correct information security.

4.CRE will respond to client inquiries regarding personal information, such as disclosure in a timely and sincere manner.

November 2020
Tadahide Kameyama
Representative Director, President CRE, Inc.

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Use

When collecting personal information directly from an individual in written form, CRE will inform the individual at that time of the purpose of use. When directly collecting personal information using any other method or when collecting personal information through indirect means, CRE will handle this information within the scope of the purpose of use stated below.

1.To provide information and services and fulfill contracts concerning the following operations:

1.The management or operation of real estate for lease owned by CRE or real estate for lease outsourced to CRE from the lessor
2.Sales and marketing activities to attract tenants by providing property information and, when terms are set, contract services in accordance with leasing conditions for each property
3.Real estate purchase, sale or brokerage when CRE is a counterparty in a real estate sales/purchase agreement and when CRE carries out brokerage services on a real estate sales/purchase agreement
4.Agency operations for non-life insurance
companies and life insurance companies Please refer to the individual websites of the companies listed below with regard to the purpose of use of non-life insurance companies and life insurance companies outsourcing operations to CRE.
◆Non-life insurance company that engages in business transactions with CRE
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Limited (
◆Life insurance company that engages in business transactions with CRE
Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Company, Limited(

5.Other operations as follows:

  • ・Outsourcing, ordering, appraisals, and intermediary work for the planning, construction, design supervision, repair work and maintenance of real estate for lease and real estate held for resale
  • ・Acquisition, retention, sale and intermediation of real estate trust beneficiary rights and receivables
  • ・Investments as well as the sale/purchase of equity interest in, and intermediary work and management for specific-purpose companies, special-purpose companies and real estate investment trusts
  • ・Consulting services for real estate utilization, development, design, and logistics, etc.
  • ・Investment management investment advice or agency operations, and integrated real estate investment adviser
  • ・Security services for logistics facilities, buildings, condominiums, and parking lots, etc.
  • ・Packing, packaging, warehousing and truck transportation business
  • ・Personnel dispatch services
  • ・Sales of equipment and facilities, etc.
  • ・Sales of computer systems
  • ・Power generation and sales related businesses
  • ・Container sale and leasing business
  • ・Real estate information services
  • ・Provision of real estate information concerning wire telecommunications
  • ・Information management for borrowing of funds, issuance of corporate bonds or shares for subscription, and shareholders
  • ・All other ancillary operations related to the above

2.To carry out sales activities through such as approaches as visits, direct mail, telephone or email, with regard to each of the operations listed in 1. above.

3.To analyze customer trends concerning each of the operations listed in 1. above or to carry our surveys and analysis for the development of services

4.Personal information may be properly collected from publicly available media or sold media indicated below and used for the purposes listed in 1. to 3. above.

Property registries / Official maps / Commercial registries / Credit information organizations / Credit research companies / Housing maps / Telephone directories and other personal information approved in advance by the client for disclosure to a third party.

5.Purposes other than those above may be specified individually for the operations listed in 1. above. In such cases, this will be deemed as CRE’s purpose of use of personal information in addition to the purpose of use listed here.

Provision to Third Parties

The personal information of clients will only be provided to third parties based on the prior consent of the client, excluding those instances stipulated by law. Third-party provision will cease if so requested by the individual.

Examples of Third Parties

  • 1.Companies affiliated with the CRE Group and related parties within the scope necessary for achieving the purposes of use
  • 2.Counterparties or intended counterparties of contracts
  • 3.Other real estate businesses
  • 4.Companies posting Internet ads and real estate industry organizations
  • 5.Designated distribution organizations
  • 6.Real estate management entities

Information Provided

  • 1.Required personal information for the purpose of use listed in 1. above, including address, name, and telephone number
  • 2.Required information for conclusion or fulfillment of a contract when a contract is concluded based on the sales activities described above

Methods of Provision

  • 1.In writing and by post, telephone, Internet, email, and advertising media, etc.

Shared Use of Personal Information

We will share the personal information of clients as described below.

Scope of joint users of information

  • The CRE Group, business partners of CRE, and companies that co-host events, such as seminars, with CRE.

Purposes of shared use

  • 1.Provide/describe different services from companies under the CRE Group umbrella as well as business partners of CRE.
  • 2.Introduce/describe seminars and exhibitions where members of the CRE Group or business partners are involved in planning or as participants.
  • 3.Respond to requests for information, inquiries, and answer calls for contact.

Information falling under shared use

  • 1.All personal information contained on business cards, including information related to address, name, phone number and professional affiliation (company name, division name, etc.) .
  • 2.All personal information input or filled in on the application screen or questionnaire for seminars and exhibitions.
  • 3.All personal information input or filled in on requests for information or inquiry forms.

Administrator of joint use

  • CRE, Inc.

Outsourcing of Personal Information

On occasion, the handling of client personal information may be outsourced to a service provider who, in principle, has concluded an agreement with CRE to ensure protection of personal information.

Arbitrariness of Information Provided

The provision of personal information from customers is voluntary, but if this information is not provided, please understand that there may be instances where CRE will not be able to provide certain services or information or enter into contracts without access to such information.

Direct inquiries about personal information to:

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