Environmentally conscious logistics facilities developed by CRE

  • LED照明を導入

    Installation of LED Lighting

    We have installed LED lighting inside all facilities to reduce power consumption

  • 緑化の推進

    Promoting Greenery

    We design green spaces within facility grounds and promote development with the environment in mind.

  • 断熱性の高い外壁

    Exteriors with High Thermal
    Insulation Performance

    For exterior walls, we use metal insulating panels, which are maintenance-free for 20 years, and by cutting facility lifecycle costs, we help to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • 節⽔型トイレ、⼿洗いの採⽤

    Water-Saving Toilet and Sink System

    To conserve precious water resources, we use a water-saving toilet and sink system inside our facilities.

  • 井⼾⽔の活⽤

    Use of well water

    [As a CO2 measure]
    Conscious of the environment and saving energy, we use well water for uchimizu—an old custom of sprinkling water to settle dust and ease the heat of summer—on the rooftops of logistics facilities as a way to lower interior temperatures.
    [As an emergency measure, such as in times of disaster]
    If water supply is cut off, well water can be used for daily use. We consider citizens living nearby, as well, and have the ability to provide drinking water to about 1,000 people.

For logistics facilities to be developed going forward, we aim to obtain ZEB certification* and make logistics facilities themselves a contributing factor to a better environment.

*ZEB (Zero energy building) is a building with net zero energy consumption, meaning it only uses as much energy as it produces while providing a comfortable interior environment. It has both energy-saving and energy-generating features to realize net status.