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Installation of solar power generation systems

CRE kicked off development of the LogiSquare series of medium- and large-sized logistics facilities with LogiSquare Soka, completed in June 2013. We had been installing solar power generation systems on the rooftops of LogiSquare locations, but in September 2021, seeking to switch LogiSquare electric power consumption to 100% renewable energy, we teamed up with EnBio Holdings, Inc. ,to establish EnBio C Energy, Inc, a company focusing specifically on the supply of green power using LogiSquare rooftop access.

Going forward, we will equip the LogiSquare facilities we develop with solar power generation systems for captive use, and our plan is to procure renewable energy from EnBio C Energy so that electric power consumed at LogiSquare locations is 100% green power.

Further expanding this strategy, we will pursue businesses emphasizing the formation of schemes that integrate renewable energy into the LogiSquare series and supply renewable energy to third-party facilities managed and operated by CRE Group companies.

Through EnBio C Energy, we will reinforce efforts to decarbonize the LogiSquare series, and we will also fulfill our social responsibility to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society through various approaches, including supply of electric power sourced from renewable energy for our offices, which will be striving to reach net zero emissions of CO2.

Actual annual output through solar
power generation systems

(Actual results for fiscal 2023)
  • CRE-developed properties

  • EnBio Group power generation sites

  • Notes:1 CRE-developed buildings are owned by CRE Logistics REIT. The rooftops of logistics facilities are rented out, and the renters install solar power generation systems to produce power.
  • Notes:2 Only output at CRE-developed buildings where approval has been obtained from rooftop renters is shown.
  • Notes:3 Of CRE-developed buildings with solar power generation systems, eight are owned and operated by companies under the EnBio Group umbrella, but output from these systems is included in annual output for CRE-developed buildings.
  • Notes:4 Output for the following year will change due to weather conditions.